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1. Event Operations Manager - manage day-of event activities outside of the main stage, and are in charge of ticketing and registration needs.2. Sponsorship and Budgets Manager - raise money from sponsors for event expenses, and managing the event’s finances.5. Speakers and Perfomers Curator - finding and suggesting who will be speaking and performing at the event, supporting further through preparation and participation process.6. Software Manager - prepare and maintain IT solutions such as registration systems, app and other software related platforms.7. Web Designer - create design for our new website8. Graphics Designer - create design for posters, speaker & participant cards, speaker slides and etc.
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TEDxKaunas team is open and constantly growing. It looks for dedicated team members who wish to share their talents of any field as well as help for organisers with the activities during the event. If you feel you could help to build an event and create good experience, please apply. TEDxKaunas looks forward to hear from you.