TEDxKaunas 2018
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Adomas Lukenskas

How to build a Sun on Earth

Vilnius University Nuclear Energy Physics graduate, Adomas Lukenskas, was invited to join one of the most recognized research and engineering institutions in the world – Imperial College London where he earned an MSc in Nuclear Engineering. Good academic results and broad knowledge in his field enabled Adomas to follow his long-time dream of working at the forefront of nuclear fusion energy research. He secured an engineering position with UK Atomic Energy Authority – a world leader in the field and a home to the world’s largest operational nuclear fusion research reactor.

Currently Adomas Lukenskas is a manufacturing supervisor of High Heat Flux components that are capable of taking heat flux 10 times greater than that of a shuttle spacecraft re-entering the atmosphere. Components such as these will be absolutely necessary for future Nuclear Fusion Power Plants, and one day will help to harness the power equivalent to that of the sun, by confining it in a magnetic vessel.

At TEDxKaunas 2018, the specialist will explain how we can build “a Sun on Earth” and why is it important that we succeed.

Don’t miss an opportunity to attend this year’s event in the Great Hall of Vytautas Magnum University.