TEDxKaunas 2018
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Elena Vėgėlytė

Lawyer’s profession today

Elena Vėgėlytė – an expert of tax law, lecturer at Mykolas Romeris University, Head of Tax at Vinted. She has more than nine years of experience advising on a wide range of regulatory and taxation matters, including crypto currency transactions and digital business taxation.

Born in the family of artists, Elena Vėgėlytė likes drawing; she has also held positions as the President of several Non-Governmental Organizations, member of startup regulation think-tank groups, some time ago has challenged herself by owning a food truck.

According this specialist, she feels surprised that her clients value her wide range of skills (not only in law): “It gave me non-standard abilities to get caught up in the newly emerging legal niches as well”.

Because of this, during TEDxKaunas 2018, Elena Vėgėlytė will challenge the traditional lawyer profession stereotypes as she explains how legal-tech and blockchain industry changed her career perspectives.

Don’t miss an opportunity to attend this year’s TEDxKaunas in the main auditorium of Vytautas Magnum University (VDU).