TEDxKaunas 2018
About This Project

Inga Galinytė

Performance artist Inga Galinytė is a representation of the generation of young talents across Lithuania. Her performances, dedicated towards individual meditation, spiritual quests and temporary human nature, help her to realise and feel out the universal experience of being a human and convey this message to her audience.

The performer’s biography includes performances in Creature Live Art Festival in Kaunas city, motion art training courses in Tel Aviv (Israel), a summer programme at The Watermill Center (USA) – a laboratory of inspiration and performance, and many more projects.

In 2017, Inga participated in a social performance “Mirštu, kaip noriu gyventi” (“Dying for Life”) – later rated as one of best of the year in the Baltic States – and spent 24 hours standing still in a metaphorical queue at the Railway station in Vilnius city in order to raise awareness towards organ donation in Lithuania.

On the stage of TEDxKaunas 2018 Inga promises to stay true to her original direction of performances, but at the same time to surprise the audience with unexpected decisions.

Don’t miss an opportunity to attend this year’s TEDxKaunas in the main auditorium of Vytautas Magnum University (VDU).