The old term “movement” has recently been gaining new meaning. The shift in perception has been changing people’s lives as it has changed mine.



Justas Kučinskas the Co-founder of Movement Vilnius, “Movement Fundamentals” teacher, Adhikari level Classical Mai Ram Yoga Teacher, Choreographer, Dancer and Philosopher. As a professional ballroom dancer, Justas has become European Vice President of Latin American Dance three times. Now he is sharing his experience being a judge of a popular TV project, based on the original British broadcaster BBC format “Dancing with the Stars”, which has just been released in Lithuania. From ballroom dancer to Adhikari level Classical Mai Ram Yoga Teacher and currently a PhD student at Vilnius University – Justas has been into active lifestyle which eventually turned into his career in the long-run.



Imagine your Message in a Bottle was found in 5 years time. How would you hope the Earth was different then?

Inspired by „movement perspective“ people would be engaging in physical activity much more and with much bigger emotional satisfaction.
What message would you like to broadcast to the outer space for the other life forms to decipher?

We are all about GRAVITY.
Is your idea for TEDxKaunas 2019 an “SOS signal”, a “lucky charm”, a “reminder” or maybe something else?

It is a reminder: something in the way we treat ourselves in terms of physicality makes us poorer, however we could all benefit if we looked at physical culture differently.