Prison as a society’s subconscious. Kamilė will question human nature, based on a conversational case study at Lukiskes prison. Can the good and the bad within be equally accepted as parts of ourselves? Elimination of unpleasant things in the human mind mechanism will be analyzed based on psychoanalysis and Carl Gustav Jung’s theories.



Kamilė Gudmonaitė is a theatre director and one of the most perspective new generation artists, who recently shook Lithuania with her play “Sapnavau sapnavau”. According to her, music and Antonin Artaud brought her to the theatre. She made her debut on the theatre stage with the performance “Sapnas”, which received the first prize at a festival in Spoleto (Italy). The director’s debut performance has also been honoured at the festival “Encounter” (Brno, Czech Republic) for best directing and audience sympathy. In Lithuania, the artist was awarded by Vytautas Kernagis scholarship. Besides her work in the theatre, Kamile is also a vocalist and songwriter of the musical duo “Kamanių šilelis”.



If you were recording one message in a capsule for future generations, what would it be?

What message would you like to broadcast to the outer space for the other life forms to decipher?

I would definitely sing a song and would love to hear other life forms singing together in any way that means singing to them.

Is your idea for TEDxKaunas 2019 an “SOS signal”, a “lucky charm”, a “reminder” or maybe something else?

I would call it an “invitation”.