TEDxKaunas 2018
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Karolina Kazlauskaitė


Six years ago, Karolina Kazlauskaitė decided to become a volunteer for the Lithuanian emotional support hotline “Jaunimo Linija”. According to Karolina herself, “At that point in time, nine out ten people in my social circle would have told you that I was probably the last person you could expect emotional support from”. Time passed and Karolina became involved in even more volunteering activities.

Today, Karolina is Head of the Psychiatry Club at the Student Scientific Society of the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, a member of the Junior Psychiatrists’ Association, and a long-time volunteer, coordinator and volunteer trainer of her very first volunteering experience, the emotional support hotline “Jaunimo linija”.

Karolina Kazlauskaitė admits that one of the personal benefits of volunteering is that it can help to improve one’s personality.

During TEDxKaunas 2018, she will share the motivations behind her activities and how one’s self-interest can eventually turn into an experience that changes the lives of others.

Don’t miss an opportunity to attend this year’s TEDxKaunas in the main auditorium of Vytautas Magnum University (VDU).