How to think mythically and sense archetypally to better understand our shared humanity, yet honour the diverse ways we live and make meaning.



Australian-born Lithuanian Kristina Dryža is recognised as one of the world’s top female futurists and is also an archetypal consultant and author. Kristina has always been fascinated by patterns for she feels we are patterned beings in a patterned universe. She writes and speaks about the patterning of seasonal, tidal, lunar and circadian rhythms and their influence on creativity, innovation and leadership. She also explores archetypes and mythology to perceive the patterns in the collective unconscious and their expression within our psyches, society and media.


Imagine your Message in a Bottle was found in 5 years time. How would you hope the Earth was different then?

I’d hope that the people of earth weren’t succumbing to old ways of thinking, even if it has residual emotional appeal. That they weren’t relying solely on their intellect, and could hear beyond the reverberations of their own thoughts, so the earth in five years time wasn’t suffering from our attachment to comfort and convenience. That people could perceive the body of earth as their very own body and appreciate the interconnectedness.
If you were recording one main message in a capsule for future generations, what would it be?
To commit to your soul first.
What message would you like to broadcast to the outer space for the other life forms to decipher?
I’d resend the Arecibo message in case it got lost in the mail!