Communication between people should always be a two-way process. I believe that this ambition is also valid for seemingly one-way communication situations as most business presentations are.



Oskars is a communications trainer, focused on public speaking and presentation. Oskars has a master’s degree in engineering and an MBA. Oskar’s passion and the objects of interest are influence and persuasion. He is interested in successful public speaking factors, as well as the latest trends in the creation of the impact during presentation. He carefully analyses orators and helps improving public speaking skills by training corporate groups and individuals.



If you were recording one main message in a capsule for future generations, what would it be?

As humans tend to rely on technology more and more and do less of basic work, let’s not forget to actually use that spare time to foster our creativeness and also communication between people. So, how have you been?
What message would you like to broadcast to the outer space for the other life forms to decipher?

Let’s make love, not war.
Is your idea for TEDxKaunas 2019 an “SOS signal”, a “lucky charm”, a “reminder” or maybe something else?

It’s more of a reminder, definitely. Most of us naturally know how to communicate in an engaging way when among friends and family; however, we tend to stiffen our conversations and transform them into monologues when facing public speaking situations. I believe we can humanize business communication.