TEDxKaunas 2018
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Parranda Polar

Music band

Four years ago, a group of Lithuanians brought back to their native country the Latin American cultural music rhythms of Cumbia genre. To this day, Jonas Narbutas, Adomas Koreniukas and Vytautas Puidokas – three energetic performers – have already entered the hearts of thousands of Lithuanians and continue their journey by successfully spreading the positivity and good vibes both in their homeland and abroad.
With the help of authentic songs, written by themselves in Spanish language and based on Colombian folklore motives, young artists seek to express a positive emotion – a pure, sincere and soul-pleasing feeling accompanied by a smile. According to the only performers of Cumbia genre in Lithuania, each song has its own story, and the most common among them involves a passionate love for a woman.

On 18th of November 2018, the sound of accordion, percussion instruments, and a bass guitar, mixed with unique voices and pleasant sensations, will transform the TEDxKaunas stage into an exotic Latin American jungle.

Don’t miss an opportunity to attend this year’s event in the Great Hall of Vytautas Magnum University.