TEDxKaunas 2018
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Rimas Norvaiša

Mathematical reasoning

Rimas Norvaiša is the Head Scientist of the Vilnius University Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, a professor, passing further his knowledge for future mathematicians in Lithuania, and an active writer of his personal website ( about mathematics, science and education. Fulbright scholarship recipient, President of the Lithuanian Scientific Society (2010-2012), so far Rimas Norvaiša has written 50 research papers and deepened his knowledge in professional trainings in universities across 7 different countries in 2 different continents in the world.

“Mathematics is the mother of all sciences” – a popular saying known by a great amount of experts and those choosing to dive deeper into mathematics.

Rimas Norvaiša will be speaking on TEDxKaunas stage on 18th of November 2018. Register to get your spot and hear him live!

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