The performance will convey the perspective of the artist as a researcher, which will encourage us to see the environment we know well in a different way. Vytenis’ message in the bottle – “Look around”.



Vytenis Jakas is Kaunas artist and one of “Kiemo Galerija” initiators. Currently, Vytenis is known for his wall art all over Kaunas which is just a small part of his contribution to the artist community. He calls this “Žaidimai mieste “ (Games in a city) and says that: “It is a lifestyle and a way to put the meanning in what I do and just to have fun.” When asked what inspired him to start “Žaidimai mieste” on Kaunas’ grey concrete walls, Vytenis said that he saw harmony between nature and people when visiting Belgium which was his main inspiration. He started his “game” to bring people closer together in times when society is more disintegrated than ever before. Through wall painting, performances, artistic experience of a city, and conversations with one another, we not only challenge the status-quo and our habit loop but also start taking ownership of a place we live in and acknowledge that we are not the only inhabitants on the Earth. Vytenis believes that our main problem is being “asleep” so he encourages everyone in the present and future to “wake up and look around”. Besides being a successful artist, Vytenis is an active citizen, who, together with other Kaunas inhabitants took to the streets to defend chestnut trees in A. Smetona alley from being cut down.




Who would be your Mr Wilson on a deserted island?

3D glasses. To be able to see more.
If you were recording one message in a capsule for future generations, what would it be?

We built, built, and finally we built it.
What message would you like to broadcast to the outer space for the other life forms to decipher?

Basically, our main problem is sleep. Maybe we should wake up finally?

Is your idea for TEDxKaunas 2019 an “SOS signal”, a “lucky charm”, a “reminder” or maybe something else?

Games in a city
*The main idea of Games in a city – invitation to play together, change habits, perception of the environment. To criticize and to provoke.