TEDxKaunas Workshops


“Anthropos” is applied anthropology association in Lithuania with an objective to carry out qualitative research and applied social projects. While acting as a mediator between academia and public, private sectors, our main fields of activity are  applied qualitative research, science communication, education, and social initiatives. In this way, our organisation seeks to improve and manage social change towards a sustainable, tolerant and socially responsible society. 



We are curious about the biographies of people and the biographies of things. The word biography means an account of someone’s life, which is usually done by another. The biographer, as well as the one who is in focus, is able to perceive and interpret the world only in terms of pre-existing, culture-specific systems endowing reality with the meaning. Some biographies can tell how definitions were chosen to things in one’s life, how and why they change. The workshop is about how we, anthropologists, see the world and what complex systems could be revealed from everyday details and practices. We will share a moment to look deeper beyond the obvious into the biography of just one thing. 


Our mission is to promote the culture of health in Lithuania by empowering communities to provide quality CPR in case of cardiac arrest.



Master life saving skills with Auksinės minutės (en. Golden Minutes). During the first break you will learn to recognise sudden cardiac arrest and during second break you will get a chance to use automatic external defibrillator and to observe staged sudden cardiac arrest situation.


Quiz with Narmin” is creating challenging questions for international audience. The mission of each quiz is bringing people from different backgrounds together to think logically as a team, learn new things in a non-formal way. Up until now quizzes took place in North Cyprus, Portugal, Germany, Latvia and Lithuania. 



We use technology to bring participants together to play an interactive trivia game and discover hidden truths about Kaunas. Find the person with the other half of your marker and come together.


An international customer-obsessed web hosting provider Hostinger are always driven by ideas. They believe that all ideas worth spreading should be heard and supported so that leaders could develop leaders and make a change in society. Workshops and knowledge sharing sessions are a regular activities for Hostinger community. So TEDxKaunas participants will drag into ideas’ brainstorm!



You’ll be able to participate and share your idea about how various communities and people of Kaunas can participate in creating a wonderful city to live in? All those ideas and their authors will be published at TEDxKaunas official website and spread around Kaunas. Thus, let’s all take a part in the creation process of a wonderful city – Kaunas! 

ABOUT (In)Visible architecture by KMN

The “(In)Visible Architecture” project initiated by Rasa Chmieliauskaitė and Kaunas Artists’ aims to use non-visual means to present the history of Lithuanian architecture, from Gothic to postmodernism, for blind and visually impaired audience. The project is being implemented in several stages: during the guided tours in architectural objects, a qualitative research, focused on the synthesis of contextual knowledge and sensory experience are carried out by volunteer participants from the blind and visually impaired community and a team of architects; guided tours are followed by workshops using ‘design thinking’ methodology. The models / publications created during the workshops will serve as an introduction to and representation of architectural knowledge, whereas to the sighted they will help to feel and understand architecture beyond its appearance.



During the TedxKaunas event, the initiators and participants of the ‘(In)Visible Architecture’ project will present alternative ways of approaching architecture and will invite the audience to become part of the process.

ABOUT Healthy body test” by VMU sport specialists 

VMU Sports Center organizes sports, physical activity and health activities for university students. They take care of the dissemination of knowledge about sports and health both in VMU student community as well as on behalf of Lithuania abroad.



Members of the TEDxKaunas event community will have the opportunity to visit a physical activity-wellness station to have taken their measurements of body composition, other health indicators. Also to select and present a variety of physical fitness tools and exercises.


I am a foreign student studying Robotics at Kaunas Technology University (KTU), as a part of my studies we work with the programming circuits to do many different tasks. Artomix is a nickname that represents my connection between me and long held friendships with people who are too far to see in person.



 My proposed workshop is about the use of communication in the world of electronics. I will make a circuit that translates typed text on a computer into Morse code by flashing a light and making sound from a buzzer. As well as this for catching people’s attention I’ll have a non-interactive piece. A sign with lights forming the letters “TEDx” and these lights would flash in Morse code the letters T.E.D.x In this workshop, we would start by showing and explaining people the circuit: the parts and what they do as well as how they are connected together. We would then show and explain the coding: what parts activate the parts on the circuit and what changes when you change the code a bit. Lastly would let the participants play with it as they want for example writing their own messages.

Kudirkos Biblioteka


What does a library stand for nowadays? Books, shelves, and ear-ringing silence? Of course not! There is much more to be found at Vincas Kudirka public library in Kaunas; its activities include meeting with writers, art exhibitions, theatre performaces, and creative or technical workshops. A modern library is a space that’s open for all, where one, besides reading, can learn, create, and play. 

At TEDxKaunas 2019, V. Kudirka public library showcase will be an interactive space where one is invited to join the battle of robots, “print” their picture with the help of a laser beam, find out what is “Žaisloteka”, try and unlock the puzzle boxes, and, of course, exchange the books with others.



At TEDxKaunas 2019, V. Kudirka public library will showcase an interactive space where one is invited to join the battle of robots, “print” their picture with the help of a laser beam, find out what is “Žaisloteka”, try and unlock the puzzle boxes, and, of course, exchange the books with others.


I am a civil engineering student at Kaunas Technology University (KTU) as well as the PR manager for Efektas group as a part of this I manage and organize social projects. My biggest hobby for as long as I can remember is art; painting (mostly oil paints, acrylics) as well as mandala drawing. 



Workshop is about the connection between communicating with each other and art. I will have empty glass bottles as well as a range of paints, paintbrushes and special dotting tools. I will also have pens and paper with questions about what they want in the future with one sentence, phrase or word. I will have one bottle prepared for those who don’t want to paint and just want to leave a message. I will first show how to paint and dot a bottle whilst explaining the different tools and paints. I will then have the participants paint parts of the bottles and every so often I will ask them to leave it for a new person to paint another bit. I will also have papers with questions about something to do with the future which I will ask to be filled and put in the bottles. 

Bottle Mandalas with Fidan


The creation of this space at TEDxKaunas was initiated by the result of the discovery of many intertwined similarities between L.Donskis’ versatile personality and the mission of the TEDx conference – “ideas worth spreading.” It is a joint idea inspired by the TEDxKaunas communities and the Lithuanian philosopher Leonidas Donskis  personality.


This is an exhibit of books corner is dedicated to introduce TEDxKaunas community with Leonidas Donskis perspective through the books, which he has read. How was his perspective as a philosopher shaped by reading a wide variety of writers in the world? What topics were he most interested in? This interactive space will invite people for warm communication with books and their messages. TEDxKaunas hope to encourage people to communicate and become interested in topics that are relevant to the world by reading books that are worth reading.