Dear TEDxKaunas 2018 participant,
welcome to Terra Incognita!

We hope that you will discover many new topics and inspiring ideas. Stay curious!

This year you are given an opportunity to not only see seven unique lectures and three artistic performances in the Main Hall. We invite you to participate in the workshops during the breaks as well. Bring your friends or make new ones at any of the activities, offered by our partners, and described below:

Learn how to deliver first-aid or freshen up your CPR skills with Auksinės minutės” first-aid course.

Every year in Lithuania, more than 3000 people experience their heart stopping. Receiving first aid as early as possible can save lives. The first four minutes are the most important – they are called the “golden minutes”. You never know when your help might be needed, so pass by “Auksinės minutės” stand to learn something new.

Test your logic and problem-solving skills with Break free” escape rooms.

Escape room is a logical-thinking based game in which the team members must jointly tackle the tasks and find the answers to questions that allow to advance further in the game. The main goal is to free yourself from a certain space within a given time limit.

Become part of an illusion.

Stop by to snap a photo of yourself and your friends in front of an installation offered by Iliuzijų muziejus (english: “Museum of Illusions”). The museum, which will stay open until December 31st, 2018, contains  unique installations based on illogical laws of science at a first glance. Visitors will be awed by physics and optical science tricks, that are deceptive, but aren`t lies. Step into the kingdom of new experiences!

Come to read a “living book” or a have a chat with one.

 “Gyvoji biblioteka (english: “Human Library”) is a method of informal education, encouraging social awareness, tolerance and respect for human rights. Join the conversation with straightforward questions and answers from those whom you may not necessarily dare to talk to in an everyday environment. Such an informal and structured method helps to demolish barriers of uncertainty and fear, and develops understanding between different people.

Play a game and decide how the story ends with Emovents.

 Each participating team will take part in the triple lightning competition – they will have to plant a tree, build a house and sowe the lawn. Winners will be rewarded; as for the others, our partners promise new connections, ideas and never before experienced delights!

Conquer your stage fright and boost your mood with some practical energizers with Toastmasters Kaunas English.

Member of one of the most recognised organisations present in more than 140 countries, Toastmasters Kaunas English is an international leadership and public speaking club based in Lithuania. Club members seek to challenge themselves in various activities which help improve their skills as future leaders.

Learn about yourself and seek the truth in a game organised by (english: “”).

Role playing is an original entertainment that is based on communication. It highlights the relationships between players by providing a story and an intrigue. Most often, the purpose of the game is to collaborate or to compete with other players to solve a mystery or to uncover a secret. It is not only an entertaining experience, but also a psychological self-analysis – when playing with others you are forced to stand up for yourself, look for allies, lie to others or find out who is lying to you.